Pale Ale · Pilsner · LevareCERU

Share the flavours of the Levant.


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Our process
Ceru was created to work perfectly alongside the Ceru restaurant menu. Over a series of tastings and trials alongside the dishes on sale the pale ale evolved in to a triple grain pale for body and depth combined with an unusual dose of Yuzu citrus juice and orange zest, whilst Yuzu is not a traditional Levantine ingredient the citrus hit when combined with the orange zest worked perfectly in isolation and even more perfectly with the depth of flavours in their iconic dishes including their 5 hour lamb shoulder with pomegranate and spice battered squid with harissa.
• Malts: Malted Barley, Malted Wheat, Malted Oats
• Hops: Amarillo, Cascade
• Additions: Yuzu juice, Orange Zest
• Yeast
• Water

Where to find CeruWHERE CAN YOU BUY IT?

The Ceru beers are brewed exclusively for the Ceru Restaurants by Hop Kettle Brewing Co. Ceru is a contemporary Levantine restaurant in South Kensington serving dishes and drinks inspired by the flavours of the eastern Mediterranean coast.

Life as a kaleidoscope of coloursWHERE IS THE LEVANT?

The countries of Levant border the furthest eastern coasts of the Mediterranean and are the crossroads of Asia, Eastern Mediterranean, Africa and Arabia. It features beautiful scenery, a rich and colourful heritage, warm and generous people and seemingly neverending sunshine. Ceru’s menu harnesses the vast array of ingredients available throughout the Levant region and takes you on an incredible flavour journey.