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FestivalTo Beer or To Your Beer… Is that the Question?

June 1, 20190

To Beer or To Your Beer… is that the Question?

Well, not anymore.

First things first: We Love Beer.

We love our crafts. We love our lagers and we love our ales. We love our pales, our bitters, our stouts. We love the bottles and the cans – and boy oh boy, we do love our draughts!

We love the light ones, the mild and the strong ones, we love the old ones, we love the fruity, the smoky and the creamy ones, we love the ones that taste like chocolate or coffee or both. We love the blondes, the reds, the dark and the browns.

We have them with breakfast, we have them for lunch, we have them at dinner – gosh, the legendary Johnny Cash even had one for dessert!

Check this out.

We Love Beer, we are a Nation of Beer: beeriod.

The craft beer revolution has seen the number of UK breweries surpass 2,000 – the highest since the 1930s. The last three years have seen the most rapid growth, with an average of almost 300 new trademarks being registered each year.

SIBA (The Society Of Independent Brewers) estimates that nowadays UK drinkers can choose from between 10,000 to 15,000 different beers.

To all the above add that our brewing industry has garnered a reputation for its friendly, collaborative and innovative spirit…

… And ladies and gents, please welcome the latest trend in our world of beer: Bespoke Beers.

Bespoke brewing can be defined as brewing tailored to you: to your specific desires, needs and (hurrah!) taste.

It can be as simple as a personalized label design service for a beer that’s already out there. But in fact it can be so much more: a beer just for you, made from scratch.

Take a look at the UK today: a huge, multi-cultural scenery where ethnicities, languages and traditions meet. Chain stores, big brands, fast foods, a 09.00 – for as long as it takes everyday roller coaster ride. We get lost in the crowd. Homogenization’s just around the corner and we’re struggling for our private space, our own voice, our true identity.

This is where you come in: you’re looking at your wedding or your Christmas party, you’re hosting a corporate or other event or a venue, you’re running a business like a club, a pub or a restaurant.  You want to make the difference, you want to be exceptional, you want to be a success. The once in a lifetime experience, the most special day, the unforgettable memories, that’s what you’re after. Oh yes, you’ll have beer, you’ll serve beer, you’ll share beer, there’s going to be beer all around, lots of beer… Why should it be just any beer and not Your Beer?

Now try to put yourself in the brewer’s shoes: he loves beer, he makes beer, he loves making beer. He is a potential pioneer, a real adventurer, he feels the urge to experiment, he doesn’t try to fit in but rather stand out. He loves his craft, he wants to make his mark and carve his niche. He’s after different brews, he seeks only the best of brews and he wants to sell his best brews and offer his top-notch services to the right customers: you, for example.

Piece the stories together and you have the whole picture, right? You two meet halfway, partner and collaborate: bespoke brewing is afoot. The brewer familiarizes himself with you, your event or your business. He gets to know you and he considers your needs, desires and taste. You two work together before and all the way through the entire brewing process to make the right beer for you.

A new beer is finally born. It tastes like nothing else, it is unique to you and available from you alone: to the people, the place, the occasion or date you value the most.

Bespoke brewing redefines beer culture and forms new bonds. It is an act of inspiration, an achievement of passion, a triumph of personalization. It is a blessing of joined forces and a true revelation to the beer industry and market. And guess what, my friend: You’re in the centre of it. It’s all about you.

So, To Beer and most certainly To Your Beer: no questions asked no more. After all, it’s beer we’re talking about. What can really go wrong?

I leave you with Zane Williams and his 99 Bottles of Beer.

P.S.: I just came across a post about “brewing a beer dictated by one’s DNA”. Blimey, it’s definitely the end of the world as we know it – and I feel fine… Don’t you?

Over and out, I’m off to a pint. My Pint.


Pag Kravvas (King Ink Copy)

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