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FestivalJohn the Gardner – Hopping about beer festivals from Easter to Summer

August 21, 20180

It’s Easter, that means it is the Glue Pot festival. The Glue Pot is shining example of a good well-run pub – an oasis in a desert of closed hostelries in the area. This is a pub event not run on the CAMRA format (so staffed not volunteers,) A wide range of beers and ciders, very limited food outlet – remember to take a pack lunch with you. This being a bank holiday weekend, public transport is very limited.

Now it is off to the very first Wanbrough festival, held at the New Calley Arms, run by CAMRA volunteers, to raise funds for a new heating boiler for St. Andrews Church. A good cause and a very good range of beers and ciders with excellent catering to boot. It raised over £5000 for the cause. Public transport is very limited, so take care on the leaving times to get back from the sticks.

The Gloucester CAMRA festival in the Black Friars Priory, amazing site – one of only 3 remaining black friary priories in the country that was not raised to the ground by Henry the 8th. A very wide range of beers, good catering with a pig roast etc. A festival not to be missed and it’s on main train line so easy to get to.

The next day off to Chippenham, feeling a bit worn out. A few beers later I was back to form, this was their 27th festival and I think I have made about 20 of them over the years. Did not get up very early on the Sunday but remembered the pig roast. This is a CAMRA run festival – distinct contrast to the priory as this is put on at the sports centre.

The Sun at Lydiard Millicent. A pub event but run very much in the CAMRA style. It is advertised as the Beer, Cider and Sausage festival so good food all around. A great day out – with excellent music – but the sun was out and being an outdoor event – I got a sun burned head.

Off to the old town Swindon beer festival at Christchurch – or as some people call it – the old Grey Lady on the hill. Put together to raise funds for Threshold (which is Christian aid and Swindon homeless). A must get to festival – very good food on site and if you wish – you can go along to the Sunday evening service, help them tidy up and get free beer.

That will do for now – lots more to write about but the pub is open now and I feel in the mood for a beer.

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